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I Graduated from Ringling School of Art and design  in 1972 and have worked as an illustrator for many prominent companies such as Universal Studios , Disney World, Nickelodeon Studios and Itec Productions just to name a few. Staying diversified has been my goal throughout my career. Being able to do a lot of different tasks well has opened doors for me and has kept life interesting.

 I became enamored with wildlife art several years ago and found it to be a relaxing departure from the commercial world. Acrylic and gouache have been my medium of choice as well as oil if time allows. Detail is paramount to me and I almost always manage to add a little humor to my work that is sometimes found in the titles.

 I got involved in outdoor art festivals and have had my work in the Park Avenue Fine Art Gallery, in Winter Park Florida. I have also been in some city sponsored shows.
My most recent endeavor, has been illustrating children’s books. I find it very medicinal. It goes back to my childhood when I had several beautifully illustrated children’s books. I’m sure it was my first source of inspiration to be an artist. My life has made a full circle now where my work may be an inspiration to other children.
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