High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

The proliferation of fakes affects brand image

Counterfeit and inferior products are rampant, and it is impossible to crack down on fake products from the root cause. It is not easy to trace the authenticity and endanger the safety of consumers' lives and property and corporate brand image.

Difficult to control distribution channels

Channel distributors are difficult to control, and cross-regional and vicious fleeing of goods by agents will seriously disrupt the market order and affect the overall ecological and healthy development of the brand

No digital system support, untrue data

Without systematic management and data analysis, it is impossible to accurately grasp the inventory of dealers and stores, and know nothing about the best-selling areas and slow-selling areas and warehouse inventory.

Brand influence is weak, consumers cannot perceive

The product itself has many advantages, but consumers cannot perceive it, brand promotion is poor, channel development is slow, resource channels are blocked, and promotion effects are poor


High anti-counterfeit and easily traceable digital ID card

The one-object-one-code traceability system is the smallest unit of products that can provide a high-precision one-object-one-code solution to avoid information damage and falsification, traceability and authenticity, and produce a unique "identity file" for the product. Consumers can scan the code. Push anti-counterfeiting results and company-related information, build corporate credibility, and establish a good corporate image

Help digital management of production and sales

Help companies build a new and efficient digital management platform, connect with various internal systems of the company, assist companies in data migration and open up the old system, achieve unified code sources, count one hole, and realize the information management of the entire supply chain of production and sales

Efficient sales reach and promote growth

Real-time sales data monitoring helps companies to achieve effective reach among manufacturers, distributors, salespersons, promoters, and consumers, and achieve more purchases and more sales through personalized incentives designed by channels and key persons

Marketing real-time data feedback, easy to make decisions

You can understand the sales dynamics of distributors at all levels, and present sales data reports to brand managers in a timely manner to achieve accurate and timely data, track product trends, use data to guide enterprises in scientific stocking, formulate regional support policies and key release strategies, and facilitate leaders Make market decisions

Accurate user analysis and optimize SCRM management plan

Optimize the user experience, attract consumers to enter the online micro mall, and use a variety of marketing applications to attract offline traffic, promote the brand and expand the sales model. Consumer user portrait collection, multi-dimensional cross-analysis, in-depth understanding of your user behavior, evaluation of marketing effects, and formulate different marketing strategies to optimize product experience according to local conditions.