High cost·Difficult to write off·Low efficiency,channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively.

Fakes are plentiful and difficult to trace

The sale of counterfeit goods endangers the life safety of consumers and the brand image. At the same time, it is not easy to trace the source, and quality problems cannot be accurately recalled.

Channel management chaos

The control of channel dealers is difficult, and the cross-regional channeling of agents seriously disrupts the market order, resulting in market price chaos.

No system or pattern is old

No systematic management and effective data analysis.

Lack of marketing method

Less user data collection and less diversity in marketing campaigns.


Beautiful and hidden one-code anti-counterfeiting traceability solution

It can provide an exclusive, stylish and beautiful high-precision one-code solution for each bottle of cosmetics combined with packaging to avoid information destruction and fraud. With production line related equipment, it can automatically produce cosmetics "identity files", which can realize raw materials, production, logistics, and transportation. , The whole process of sales quality traceability, easy collection verification and traceability.

Build a digital control platform

Help enterprises build a new and efficient digital management platform, connect with various internal systems of the enterprise, realize the information management of the entire supply chain of production, sales, and sales, bid farewell to the previous channel control methods that rely on offline inspection and supervision of dealers, and save a lot of manpower by online real-time monitoring Control costs, combine anti-sweeping and anti-counterfeiting marketing.

Real-time insights into marketing data

Dealer data monitoring, you can view the receipt and delivery of each dealer, and through consumer scan code data, you can understand the real-time display of the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels. The sales data report is presented to brand managers in a timely manner, and the data is used to guide enterprises to prepare scientifically, and to formulate regional support policies and key release countermeasures.

Personalized sales incentive plan

Assist enterprises to achieve effective reach among manufacturers, distributors, salesmen, promoters, beauty guides, and consumers, and achieve more purchases and more sales through channels and personalized incentives designed by key people (promoters, beauty guides) To achieve efficient growth in regional sales and brand share.

Precision marketing system

The precision marketing system supports various marketing scenarios such as "one area, one policy, one store, one policy". The big data engine helps brands understand: Who are your users? Where are your users? Where are your users lost? Help companies increase terminal sales and create private domain traffic, and provide a full life cycle marketing for thousands of people.

Diversified marketing methods

Product promotion and promotion, new promotion, fans with old and new, fan fission promotion, forming closed-loop marketing, through a variety of marketing methods to increase user participation rate, increase membership purchase rate, stickiness and repurchase rate, reduce activity costs, and gain market Big data realizes the precision, scene and intelligence of marketing activities.