High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Counterfeit and shoddy harm consumers

Counterfeit medicines seriously threaten the health of consumers, harm the income of pharmaceutical companies, and are extremely harmful to society

Diversified products, difficult to assign codes

Pharmaceutical business enterprises shall establish a drug traceability system in accordance with relevant national requirements to realize that the source of the drug can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and responsibility can be investigated. Drug traceability should cover multiple links such as production, circulation and use.

National regulatory requirements are traceable

Realize that the source of the drug can be investigated, whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. It does not meet the requirements of the State Drug Administration. Drug traceability should cover multiple links such as production, circulation and use, and information technology is used to ensure drug safety.

Need to improve the level of digital management

There are many pharmaceutical companies, small, scattered, and chaotic problems, poor production conditions, backward technology, outdated equipment, and the application of corporate digital codes lacks top-level design and planning, and cannot play the code function value.

Poor channel control capabilities, consumers can’t reach

Poor management from channel to terminal, and the channels controlled by distribution data cannot effectively reach direct consumers.


Customized high-precision anti-counterfeiting solutions

Combining packaging with tags, lasers, RFID, etc., efficient and accurate coding, anti-sabotage, anti-transfer, and guarantees production capacity. For the smallest unit of products, it can provide a high-secret, high-strength, high-anti-counterfeiting one-object-one-code solution to avoid information being Destruction, fraud, can be traced back to the truth.

Seamless connection with national supervision, easy for consumers to inquire

Comply with the country's mandatory regulatory requirements for enterprises, seamlessly connect to the national regulatory platform, consumers can quickly verify the authenticity of products through labels, obtain traceability information and corporate information, and enhance purchasing confidence.

Product full process traceability and anti-channeling management system

Realize the data collection and video monitoring of farmer’s planting and breeding bases, processing workshops, etc. through the construction of the intelligent Internet of Things system, so that the collection of materials, the entry, exit, adjustment, return, storage and other information of goods are clear at a glance, and relevant data is uploaded in real time to establish a complete product Process traceability and anti-channeling management system.

Assist in building a digital channel management platform

Through the construction of a digital channel platform, the centralized management of data and information in multiple regions, multiple stores, etc., and the solution of data sharing and other issues, help enterprise managers to easily realize the management and application of information in multiple regions and multiple branches, so as to achieve accurate data, Timely, solve the problem of channel distributors.

Flexible key person incentive plan setting

Promote sales enthusiasm of dealers, and promote the design of sales incentive schemes by medical guides or physicians and promoters in stores through personalized incentives designed by channels and key people. The system can set a variety of reward implementation methods to support modification of strategies at any time, increase store sales, and improve overall Product sales.