High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

National strict management system requirements

The country attaches great importance to the traceability management system for food quality and safety, requiring food traceability and risk control.

Industry competition is fierce, and counterfeiting is rampant

Industry competition is fierce, counterfeiting is rampant, and the cost of counterfeiting remains high. Counterfeit and inferior products seriously endanger the lives and property safety of consumers and corporate brands.

A wide variety of products and diversified packaging

There are many types of product packaging, fast production lines, large shipments, personalized factories and warehouses, and difficult solutions.

Channel data falsification, falsification of goods, difficult to control

A large number of problems such as channel data fraud, arbitrage of manufacturer fees, fleeing goods, rebate promotion, supply chain leakage, and extremely low efficiency.

High marketing costs, difficult to master data

Passive channel sales, low unboxing rate, low shelf rate, passive product sales, high marketing costs, and serious terminal promotions.

Strong product, weak brand, difficult to promote

Consumers have low brand recognition, product promotion is difficult, huge offline traffic, no precipitation or conversion, poor marketing accuracy.


Meet diverse anti-counterfeiting demands, easy to trace

For production companies, create "one item, one code" or "one item with multiple codes" for each product, to ensure that the smallest packaging unit can be traced, to build a product traceability system, to achieve product traceability recall, and to quickly help companies face counterfeit and shoddy products Provide evidence to prove the authenticity of the product, avoid investigation by the Quality Supervision Bureau and reduce negative impact on brand reputation.

Provide complete digital solution support

Provide end-to-end digital services from planning to technical platform landing operations, help large, medium and small traditional enterprises to conduct a comprehensive assessment of digital maturity, realize digital update management and overall migration of historical and old systems, realize unified code sources and count one hole.

Efficient access to control, accurate data insight

With supply chain control and consumer-driven business as the core, digitally define the "people-goods-field" scenario, through one thing and one code: binding stores, binding consumers, binding inventory, binding waiters, binding sales, Binding location, binding flow direction, binding rebate, binding traffic, etc., use big data to guide enterprises to make precise policy decisions and key deployments.

Smart marketing, create brand value

One item, one code precision marketing system supports various marketing scenarios such as "one area, one policy, one store, one policy", which binds the interests of consumers, promoters, waiters, store terminals, distributors, etc., to obtain accurate consumer data, Drive the efficiency and accuracy of marketing investment and realize the "integration of product and efficiency" of digital marketing.