Industry competition is fierce, and counterfeiting is rampant

Competition in the industry is fierce. High imitation and fake products are in the form of fake products. The packaging of genuine products is transferred to counterfeit products. It is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake products, which infringes on the interests of brands and consumers.

A wide variety of products, difficult to assign codes

The materials of the products are diversified and there are many types, and the difficulty of product code assignment is high. The direct labeling of the product affects the appearance and use, and the product material is not easy for consumers to trace.

The digital platform is not sound and the channel control is weak

There are many small, medium and micro enterprises in the apparel and footwear industry, without the support of existing digital systems, weak channel control, and unable to accurately grasp the precise data of dealers.

Traditional promotion methods, unable to retain customers

Traditional promotion methods, with interception of marketing resources and channels, poor promotion effect, unable to retain customers to improve stickiness, and unable to accurately reach customers.


For a variety of products, customized high-precision anti-counterfeiting solutions

Combining the patented secret code technology, the combination of clear code and cipher code, providing tag, washing label, heat transfer label and other identification codes, so that the code is integrated with the product, anti-vandalism, anti-transfer, multi-code integration, providing the most convenient and effective anti-counterfeiting certification In this way, market inspections are accurate and simple, and consumers can quickly verify the authenticity of products through labels.

The quality of the whole chain is traceable, and the problem is easy to recall

Assist companies in realizing the whole process of monitoring and recording product traceability information in all aspects of production, assembly, circulation, warehousing and sales of various products, achieving quality traceability management, and efficient recall when encountering product problems.

The digital platform efficiently reaches multiple levels, and the channel control is enhanced

Real-time sales data monitoring helps companies to achieve effective reach among manufacturers, distributors, salespersons, promoters, and consumers, and do a good job in online and offline product management and control, through channels and personalized incentives designed by key people, to achieve multiple Purchase and sell more goods, and use data to guide companies in key marketing strategies.

Multi-scenario intelligent precision marketing to enhance brand value

Support various marketing scenarios such as "one district, one strategy, one store, one strategy", new product launch promotion, membership marketing, new promotion to promote conversion, fans take old and new, fan fission promotion, forming closed-loop marketing, through a variety of marketing methods Improve user participation and realize the precision, scene and intelligence of marketing activities.