High cost·Difficult to write off·Low efficiency,channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively.

Counterfeit medical device products have a big impact

There are fake and inferior medical devices or products that have not been approved by the state, which are shoddy and seriously affect the health and brand image of consumers.

There are many types of products and it is difficult to assign codes

The diversity and complexity of medical device products are extremely high. It is a systematic major project to provide each product with an "electronic ID card".

Poor channel management, unable to reach the terminal

Poor channel management and control, poor management from channel to terminal, and channels controlled by distribution data cannot effectively reach direct consumers.

Old-fashioned marketing methods, lack of motivation

The marketing method is relatively single, the marketing activities lack diversity, the marketing force is insufficient, and the marketing cost is high.


High precision anti-counterfeiting design, traceable and easy to query

With laser, RFID and other precise way to assign code, resist damage, transfer, help enterprise by giving back to the source code for each product unique, for all kinds of medical equipment of the production, assembly, distribution, warehousing and sales each link of the whole monitoring, realize medical equipment production of the entire network easily traced authentication management.

Assist to connect with the existing platform, full chain information management

Help enterprises to build an efficient new digital management platform, connect with the internal systems of the enterprise, realize the information management of the whole supply chain of production channel and marketing, get through with various internal systems of the company and the overall migration of the historical old systems, and realize the unification of code source and counting out a hole.

Strengthen the digital management of channels and make accurate decisions

By building a digital channel platform, realize the centralized management of data information, such as, many stores, solving the problems of the data sharing, help enterprise managers to easily realize the many areas, many branches of information management and application, to help enterprises solve the problem of channel distributor transregional, can learn dynamic dealers at all levels of sales, inventory data real time display, do data accurate, timely, make real-time adjust sales strategy and marketing strategy.

A variety of marketing methods, the construction of full link digital marketing

With qr code for entry, multidimensional cross analysis, in-depth understanding of your user behavior, and evaluate marketing effect, provide the basis for more efficient late precise interactive marketing, based on the full product link data acquisition, digital drive products based on user digital, to user needs reverse remodeling of the supply chain link digital marketing.