High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively

Adulteration and fraud, affecting brand reputation

Products are adulterated and mixed, imitate fake and inferior products, use substandard and other improper means to use "green food" labels without authorization to deceive consumers and entrap the interests of customers.

Low-priced logos are easily damaged and difficult to trace

Commodity prices are low, fragile, difficult to package, anti-counterfeiting marks are easy to damage, the country requires food to be traceable, risks can be controlled, quality problems occur, and accurate recalls are difficult.

Poor channel control and untrue sales data

Product sales inventory and consumer data are in the hands of channels, and brand owners are unable to understand market trends and lack data support for formulating marketing strategies.

The brand is weak, and the traditional single cost of marketing is high

The brand is blank, the scale is small, the efficiency is poor, the promotion method is traditional, the marketing cost channel is intercepted, the promotion effect is poor, there is no precipitation, no conversion, and the marketing accuracy is poor.


High privacy, anti-vandalism and anti-counterfeiting, easy to check and protect the brand

Targeted to provide high-precision one-object-one-code solutions to prevent information from being destroyed and falsified, protect the QR code information, and have strong resistance to destruction. From the planting process to the consumer's hands, the authenticity of the product can be checked with one click, and View brand-related information, strengthen consumer confidence, protect the reputation of agricultural products, and enhance brand awareness.

The whole chain is safe and traceable, seamlessly connecting with national supervision

Through the construction of an intelligent Internet of Things system, it can realize data collection and video monitoring of farmer’s planting and breeding bases, processing or slaughter workshops, and upload relevant data in real time to track the whole chain of products safely and traceable, the information is true and cannot be tampered with, and it complies with the state's mandatory supervision requirements for enterprises , Seamlessly connect with the national regulatory platform.

Provide a complete solution for digital transformation

Provide end-to-end digital services from planning to technical platform landing operations, help large, medium and small traditional enterprises conduct a comprehensive assessment of digital maturity, open up corporate information islands, avoid duplication of data entry, design digital architecture, and implement digital technology to achieve Digital update management.

Real-time channel data monitoring, easy to make decisions

Dealer data monitoring, real-time dynamic monitoring of national online store data, you can view the receipt and delivery of each dealer, and at the same time, through consumer scan code data, you can understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and use data to guide enterprises to scientifically stock up. Facilitate the marketing end to accurately make subsequent market decisions.

Poverty alleviation and assistance to farmers, precipitation of private domain traffic

Poverty alleviation agricultural products entered the poverty alleviation e-commerce mini-program to expand online sales channels. Consumers alleviate poverty by shopping, scan the code to earn points, realize the point shopping mall to attract new customers, and accumulate private domain traffic.

Diversified marketing plans, big data supports precise strategies

Optimize user experience, improve code scanning rate, and automatically collect and mine user data. Attract consumers to enter a variety of online marketing applications, to attract offline traffic, to increase sales and brand promotion, provide big data support, and help merchants to make precise marketing strategies.