High cost, difficult to write off, low efficiency, channel rebate fees are withheld, unable to reach the terminal and consumers effectively.

National supervision, product traceability

The required traceability QR code must be marked on the labels of pesticide products regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Counterfeiting rampant in the market, affecting brand reputation

Repeated prohibitions on counterfeit seeds and pesticides in the market have greatly dampened farmers’ confidence in product safety and disrupted the normal order of agricultural operations.

Product anti-counterfeiting packaging is easily damaged

The goods are heavy, the packaging is rough, the scanning and registration are difficult, the storage environment is dusty, the wind and sun surface cannot be labeled and coded, and it is easy to wear and damage.

Marketing channels are chaotic, affecting the industrial ecology

The phenomenon of fleeing goods in marketing channels is serious, which can easily cause confusion in the price system and affect the healthy development of the overall ecology of the enterprise.

Traditional promotion method, high cost, poor precision

Traditional promotion methods, retention of marketing expenses channels, poor promotion effects, huge offline traffic, no precipitation or conversion, poor marketing accuracy.


Customized anti-counterfeiting solutions combined with products

It can provide high privacy, high strength, high anti-counterfeiting one code solution for each product in combination with packaging to avoid information destruction and fraud. With production line related data collection equipment, the product "identity file" is automatically produced, which is easy to collect, verify and Traceability, strong resistance to destruction.

The whole chain is traceable and easy to query

Rich implementation experience ensures that the entire process of product traceability collection is easy to operate, accurate data, and provides the most convenient and effective anti-counterfeiting authentication method. The anti-counterfeiting verification is clear and intuitive. Farmers can quickly identify the authenticity of products, grasp the entire process information, and consume with peace of mind, and improve consumers' product awareness Awareness, master consumer big data.

Real-time monitoring of marketing data, efficient reach of sales channels

Data monitoring helps companies achieve effective access to dealers, salesmen, promoters, and consumers. Through channels and individual incentives designed by key people, they can purchase more goods and sell more goods, and achieve accurate and timely data. Use data to guide corporate marketing strategies.

Precision marketing system to enhance brand value

Supporting various marketing scenarios such as "one district, one policy, one store, one policy", combined with the realization of enterprise big data analysis, accurate user research, member points mall, new product release and introduction, brand promotion, WeChat and Weibo and other functions and connections, breakthroughs The original marketing model in the market brings more value to the brand.