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Combining SCRM and affiliate marketing, based on big data analysis, it provides different products, services and marketing methods for different consumers.

  • The combination of product and consumer life cycle management provides powerful data analysis capabilities, flexible, efficient and configurable integrated solutions;

  • Combined with SCRM and affiliate marketing, establish a consumer life cycle management system for introduction, growth, maturity, decline and loss;

  • For different channels, different groups of people, different times and other conditions, based on marketing rules, automatically generate and deploy different marketing strategies.

Intelligent decision-making

Through artificial intelligence, data analysis and other technical means, assist brands to complete key business decisions in production, sales, operation and other links;

  • Based on the data precipitation in the whole life cycle of products and consumers, clean and organize the data, and integrate the customer portraits such as seed customers, value groups, and potential customer groups, and improve the pertinence of marketing based on this;

  • Combined with the information collection of key nodes such as "production management - warehousing and delivery - channel circulation - terminal retail - marketing promotion", the linkage analysis of product freshness, channel turnover rate, dynamic sales, activity effectiveness and product life cycle , providing real data support for the market to formulate marketing strategies and new product development.

Data visualization

Combined with full-link data, through graphical means, such as reports, Kanban and other forms, information can be clearly and effectively conveyed, and cross-screen browsing can be achieved, improving data readability, and facilitating decision-making by enterprises.

  • The visual display content supports a high degree of customization to meet different business types and visual needs;

  • Real-time presentation of various business data; grasp market dynamics;

  • Statistical analysis and modeling of data to provide a basis for decision-making;

  • Risk control and early warning system to ensure safety, stability and order;

  • Realize data perspective, forecast data, and provide digital support for business guidance

Intelligent early warning

Carry out early warning analysis for counterfeit or suspected smuggled goods, etc., and conduct real-time data monitoring and risk early warning management and control through a real-time monitoring mechanism.

  • The normal distribution chart helps the product to track the details of the cycle according to the brand and batch of changes in each link of the product in different time periods of the life cycle;

  • Based on the anti-counterfeiting data scan code records, combined with the time period, scan code area, user records (WeChat) and other dimensions to analyze;

  • Combining the query data with the internal audit data of the enterprise, timely discover the source of the smuggling goods, and accurately implement the smuggling goods management.

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  • 我公司與兆信科技持續在產品追溯體系搭建、產品流向信息追蹤及終端掃碼營銷等方面建立了穩定的合作關系。合作以來,我司感受到了兆信科技從技術人員到心業務人員的專業和職業精神。在項目進程當中,一直秉持著主人翁意識,多方配合從不推脫,以主人翁的角度協調和幫助各方配合全力高效完成項目計劃并交付...

  • 兆信科技搭建的二維碼平臺和提供的服務對我公司產品晶牌保護、消費者掃碼驗真、以及渠道管控,起到了非常積極的作用,感謝貴公司對我公司一直以來的支持。在此,我公司著重表揚兆信科技的安宮牛黃丸項目組人員,包括銷售人員、售前人員、技術開發、實施人員以及售后人員,他們工作高效、擔當、踏實,對我司提出的疑問耐心解答,積極解決問題,為我司節約成本。

  • 我公司與兆信科技多年的合作中,兆信科技表現出了其在防偽防竄、溯源營銷領域的高度專業。業務人員具備專業素養,服務態度好,溝通及時,能夠站在企業的角度想問題,在供貨及時、交付質量和售后服務方面均可達到我公司標準。產品外觀設計合理,性能穩定,解決了我們原來存在的諸多問題,對企業生產經營提供了很多幫助。兆信科技是我們值得信任的合作伙伴,希望在今后能與兆信科技展開更加深度的合作。

With the business philosophy of "creating value for customers", customer needs are the guiding tasks
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