Process traceability

With the development of information technology, it provides reliable means for modern manufacturing enterprises to implement refined management. Take product as the main line and use barcode technology as the means to automatically identify, record and monitor product materials, production processes, semi-finished products, and finished products, implement fully transparent management, and clearly check the authenticity, whereabouts, storage, and process records , Producer, quality inspector, and production date. By analyzing the causes of bad products, performing error-proofing, monitoring, real-time analysis and tracking, etc., the error-proofing, lean production and management of product production are realized, which improves production efficiency and product quality while also increasing customer satisfaction.


Material management Including the in/out processing of various materials, return/replacement processing, the in/out processing of products/semi-finished products, the status of materials, and the early warning of material shortage, etc. In the production process, automatic barcode identification is adopted to eliminate human error as much as possible and improve efficiency.

Process operation Manage the process operations of the producer, including product barcode printing, identification, job records, data collection, and job warnings. Starting from the production plan, with product as the main line, barcode technology is adopted, product electronic tags are established, and standardized management of the production site is implemented.

Equipment management Management of production equipment and tools, establishment of equipment files, registration of equipment failures, maintenance, etc., and monitoring and alarming of failures, paperless electronic information technology methods, improve production processes, reduce manual operations, increase efficiency, and save production costs.

Product quality management Establish product barcode labels, perform barcode identification on products, inspect product quality, repair defective products, and record relevant record information. For products, you can trace the information of the producer, time, process, batch, material supplier, etc., trace back to the product of the same batch number, the person responsible for quality problems, etc., and make corresponding treatment and put forward quality improvement suggestions.

Personnel management Manage production management personnel and production line workers, record personal basic information and skill information, automatically record workers' working hours, and conduct statistics on working hours. The management and quality inspection personnel can understand the production progress of the product at any time, find quality problems in time, and make corrections and improvements.

Big data analysis From the perspectives of people, materials, equipment, processes, etc., conduct data analysis to learn the key reasons that affect product quality, so as to improve product production process, product quality and customer satisfaction.


Respond quickly The full-process tracking management of the product quality traceability system not only strengthens the enterprise quality management, reduces the cost of error correction, but also facilitates the company to collect commodity information to understand consumption trends and improve rapid response capabilities.

Wide application field In the field of process manufacturing, especially in the fields of food safety, pharmaceutical production, and some chemical product manufacturing, the establishment of a product quality traceability system has become one of the important management methods for enterprises to survive.

Reduce losses When quality problems occur, the establishment of a traceability system can quickly find out the relevant batches and the key to the quality problems, and recall the relevant batches of products. On the one hand, it can quickly deal with consumer problems and on the other hand, reduce recall losses.

Benefit protection The establishment of a product traceability system can propose appropriate countermeasures when quality accidents occur, reduce consumer losses, and ensure consumer interests.