A collection of strange and unusual Bars.

A collection of strange and unusual Bars. Thats a strange name for a book isn’t it? The idea of A collection of strange and unusual Bars. This has been running around in my head for a long time. Based on some early sketches, I started the first illustration a couple of years ago.

The book isn’t just about unusual bars though, its about friends.If I have learned anything in all my years it is the importance of good friends.We love having a familiar and comfortable place to meet, right? And sometimes enjoy an adult beverage with friends. Whether it’s in ones home , the park or even the neighborhood tavern saloon or just a good old bar. At a time in history it was called a speakeasy , but I digress. I’ll admit that the drinking establishments illustrated in this book are strange and a little unusual. But be that as it may , it’s nice to have a cool place to hang out and meet old friends and maybe make some new friends. O, and by the way, each great and unique bar has added their own signature drink recipes.

So where can I buy this book” A collection of strange and unusual Bars”?  My book can be purchased on amazon buy using the isbn number 9781729047231.  For more information on my book or my other art and prints visit my websiteBorn To Illustrate

And I would like to mention and thank the people that were so instrumental in helping me to complete this book. First of all my lovely wife Bonnie http://www.coroflot.com/lillionofjudah that inspired me with several ideas and suggestions.Thanks also to my good friends the Rowes for giving me some ideas. Also Big ole Bob for his thoughts on the Red Dog Saloon. And last but not least, thanks to Bar none Drinks and their awesome recipes. I must admit that I haven’t tried all of the drinks but I have heard from many friends that have. Give them a try and let me know what you think. Thanks