Welcome to Born to Illustrate

Born to illustrate is my company and career.It has taking me a while to build my web site http://www.borntoillustrate.com .I hope you enjoy looking over my art. Leave me a comment if you would like. I have been an artist as far back as I can remember and a professional artist since 1972. I began in a place called the American Baptist Churches In King of Prussia PA . They first gave me the responsibility of illustrations in the American Baptist magazine. Later I designed and managed the children magazines along with Making ads for judson press and any other assignments. That job lasted for about 4 and a half years.They had to cut back on cost and I was one of those cost.

Before leaving PA I had started a Gallery called off the wall fine art gallery in Phoenixville PA. Incidentally  It was part of the Colonial Theater where the Blob was filmed. I gave up the gallery and worked on a horse farm for about nine months to make some money to get back to Florida.

Things didn’t get interesting at this point. I worked at a series of small agencies for several years. That was good in some ways and gave me a rounded experience for the jobs I was soon to have. Working as an art director was never one of my desires but I had the experience and needed the work. I was the art director at Circus world, a park located in Haines city Florida. Also Boardwalk and Baseball and later Odoski Sellers and Clark an ad agency in Bartow Florida.

It was at this time my luck began to change. After interviewing with Universal Studios in 1989 I was hired as Designer of special projects. Not only was it my induction into the entertainment design world but the experience was fantastic. I met several directors and other very special people and have kept in touch with many of them to this day.This was the beginning of working in the entertainment design business It was because of this I got the job at Itec Entertainment and worked there for 21 years.Born to illustrate is my company and my career

My lovely wife and support for 37 years now is also an artist . Her website is http://www.coroflot.com/lillionofjudah

Born to illustrate has been my logo and company name for many years now. I retired in 2015 but still stay very active in this business.